Getting Started with I Am Responding

  • If you have an iOS or Android phone, refer to the following to download and configure the free I Am Responding app.  Use Agency Name MARG, and the username and password you created in the above step. 
  • Add our I Am Responding phone number to your phone contacts: 877-685-8606.
This is particularly important if you do not have an Android or iOS phone, but can be helpful for everyone if for some reason the app does not work.
  • Download and print this handy reference card: MARG Dispatch Codes.pdf  Or see Patty who has extra copies available. 
  • Respond appropriately when the next call-out occurs (starting October 18, 2016).  Note that you will be able to notify the dispatcher of your availability and status using any of the following methods:
    • Respond via the free I Am Responding App on your Android or iOS device
    • Call the 877-685-8606 and type the appropriate response number. 
  1. Available           6. Returning
  2. Remote             7. Home
  3. Unavail             8. SAR1/SAR2
  4. In Route           9. Dispatch
  5. On Scene
    • Sign-in to the I Am Responding Web Page on your computer or smart phone and click "RESPOND NOW".
    • Call the dispatcher and he/she will mark your response

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