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There are many moving parts to a search and rescue operation.

Some involve "field" work - knowing how to use rope systems, physical abilities to get up and down steep slopes or through the underbrush, the willingness and skill to bivouac.  This is what people usually think of when they think of search and rescue.

Some involve technical knowledge back at base.  Using mapping software, setting up communications systems, keeping the proper documentation in order, managing equipment distibution, and so much more.

Can YOU do this?  YES!

There are jobs for people who have physical disabililtes, are older, don't feel comfortable in the woods.  YOU CAN HELP!  Search and rescue isn't just for fit 25 year olds.  Of course, if you are a fit young person, we want you too!  

What to expect on October 23.

Would you like to just come and watch?  That is great!  Check out our K9 teams in action. If you'd like some hands-on,  you can learn how to be on a litter team!  Or learn to use the radios. How about learning to do a trail or grid search?  We'll try to get you checked off for some of the things you'll need to become callout qualified - either for field or base, and you'll already be on your way to becoming a valuable member of the team!

Where and When

Saturday October 23

10 Am to 4 PMish

Cooper's Rock State Forest, Overflow parking lot (large gravel lot just before the Overlook)

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE BEFORE YOU COME...if we are on a callout, we'll have to cancel (as we did in September, and we apologize for any inconvenience...)